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Adorno's "Strategy of Hibernation"
Tetsuo Kogawa
Adorno’s "Strategy of Hibernation” was engendered by a socio-cultural situation in a transitional period marked by the overthrow of traditional concepts, all of which need radically new interpretations.
The Bakhtin Centre
The Bakhtin Centre
The Bakhtin Centre’s purpose is to promote multi- and inter-disciplinary research on the work of the Russian philosopher and theorist Mikhail Bakhtin and the Bakhtin Circle, and on related areas of cultural, critical, linguistic and literary theory.
Benjamin Notes
Camilla Griggers
The Culture Industry Reconsidered
Theodor Adorno
The total effect of the culture industry is one of anti-enlightenment, in which enlightenment becomes mass deception and is turned into a means for fettering consciousness.
The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception
Theodor Adorno
The sociological theory that the loss of the support of objectively established religion, the dissolution of the last remnants of pre-capitalism, together with technological and social differentiation or specialisation, have led to cultural chaos is disproved every day; for culture now impresses the same stamp on everything.
Cyberdemocracy: Internet and the Public Sphere
Mark Poster
The discussion of the political impact of the Internet has focussed on a number of issues: access, technological determinism, encryption, commodification, intellectual property, the public sphere, decentralization, anarchy, gender and ethnicity. While these issues may be addressed from a number of standpoints, only some them are able to assess the full extent of what is at stake in the new communications technology at the cultural level of identity formation.
Destruction of Reason
Jürgen Habermas
Dialectics at a Standstill: A Methodological Inquiry Into the Philosophy of Theodor W. Adorno
Stephen Bronner
Adorno was right in suggesting that the system of advanced industrial society had absorbed its revolutionary negation; subjectivity was all that remained when dialectics is at a standstill. Institutional conditions for fostering or inhibiting it, however, are never discussed.
De erotiek van Georges Bataille
Erik Koletski
Frederic Jameson Bibliography
Eddie Yeghiayan
A compilation of works by Fredric Jameson.
George Bataille
Bonesy Jones
Biography of fringe Surrealist, vanguard intellectual, and writer George Bataille.
Ideology, Discourse, and Cultural Studies: The Contribution of Michel Pêcheux
Martin Montgomery
An evaluative assessment of the potential contribution of Michel Pêcheux's research to a current movement within cultural studies to secure a conceptual framework for the critical discourse analysis of the linguistic mechanisms of ideology (examples of which are drawn from news accounts).
Illuminations: The Critical Theory Web Site
Douglas and Byron Hawk Kellner
A research resource for those interested in the Critical Theory project. Firmly based in Frankfurt School thought, this site maintains a collection of articles, excerpts, and chapters from many contemporary writers of and about Critical Theory. Additional submissions from graduate students and others are also available, as are links to other websites and related sources.
Kant and the Negro
Ronald Judy
Kant’s account of judgement in the “Critique of Pure Reason” and its relation to his concept of “the Negro.”
Langue Globale
Wlad Godzich
Literature, Culture, Mirrors
John Frow
Cultural studies is not the enemy of literary studies; the two perhaps work best when they coexist in tension and exchange; but literary studies will not survive if it is taught as a form of religion.
Minima Moralia Dedication
Theodor Adorno
We are all now parts of a lifeless machine, thus making discussion of the good life meaningless and impossible, but there remains a consciousness (a mere memory?) of something better.
National Culture: A Contradiction in Terms?
Richard Collins
There is no necessary congruence between the frontiers of states and those of cultural communities, positive consequences can follow (and in the case of U.K. television have followed) from the transnationalization of television and that the integrity and survival of states is less strongly linked to cultural sovereignty and the maintenence of national culture than is often supposed.
Notes on 1000 Plateaus
Camilla Griggers
The purpose of this exam in critical theory is to outline grammatology, the science of writing, as a field of knowledge.
Notes on Attali's Noise
Camilla Griggers
Attali maps the political economy of music as a succession of orders from sacrifice to representation to repetition. Each order is done violence by noises that are prophetic in that they create new orders in relation to production, exchange, desire and subject position.
Notes on The Postmodern Condition
Geoffrey Sauer
On Violence notes
Camilla Griggers
Patrick's Socialworld
Patrick Macartney
Links and information about buddhism and meditation, gender issues, psychology, mental illness, sociology, and cyberspace.
Public Intellectuals
Joe Sartelle
Having read far too many articles and heard far too many talks, I am confessing to writing like an academic.
Singhai Sleeps Through History, Again
Patryk Silver
Hundreds of volumes and thousands of articles have been written on the roles of the U.S. government and military in underwriting and carrying out some of the most gruesome and cataclysmic events of this or any century. That history goes unheeded in Mr. Singhai's fantasy land of U.S. foreign policy beneficence. A few corrective remarks are therefore in order.
 Universite de Montreal
Teachers, Intellectuals, Politics
Don Anderson
The crisis in contemporary culture and especially in the brave new post-Dawkins academy resides in the curious phenomenon that many of those who would traditionally have defended the role of the intellect, if not of intellectuals, now deplore it and them as elitist and celebrate the Postmodern egalitarianisms of TV soaps, rock videos and talkback radio.
The Untimely Past
Jeffrey Hearn
This site’s objective is to compile as complete a set of English-language entries as is possible relating to the intersection of historiographic practice with poststructuralism, postmodernism, and allied areas of theory/practice.
Violence (Public 6)
Camilla Griggers