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Asianing Australia: Notes Toward a Critical Transnationalism in Cultural Studies
Ien Ang and Jon Stratton
This paper attempts to develop a critical transnationalist perspective in cultural studies from the localized cultural and political context of contemporary 'Australia'. It takes the Australian nation-state's current gee-economic and gee-political preoccupation with a so-called 'push into Asia as a starting point for a questioning of dominant discourses of international relations and the place of 'Australia' within it.
Babes on the Web: sex, identity and the homepage
Marj Kibby
Boundaries between the self and the body are in a state of flux under the impact of technological development, the divisions between the identity and the body blurred by the mediations of this technology. In any case many women in creating their personal home pages seem reluctant to abandon the body as a marker of their identity.
Bibliography of Works
Centre for European Sociology and Pierre Bourdieu
A bibliography of works about or making reference to the work of Pierre Bourdieu.
Black Cultural Studies
Nimmy Abiaka, Tim Haslett and Paula Lee
Bibliographical information, essays, and interviews on cultural workers working in such areas as Black literary criticism, Black popular culture, Critical Race Theory and film theory.
Call it Steve: Love, Sex, and Desire Underground
Earl Jackson, Jr.
A collection of meta-autobiographical pieces that marked certain moments in a personal life that couldn't help being political.
Calls for Papers
Geoffrey Sauer
Post and reply to calls for academic papers.
Phoebe Sengers
How does institutionalization operate? How does someone become institutionalized?
Conditions of their Own Making: An Intellectual History of the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies at the University of Birmingham
Norma Schulman
The focus of this essay is on the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies at the University of Birmingham--its historical context, its organizational difficulties, its activist aspirations, and the tensions that those who participated in its development perceived between its intellectual and political objectives.
Cultural Appropriation and Subcultural Expression: The Dialectics of Cooptation and Resistance
Chuck Kleinhans
How do subcultures appropriate from the dominant culture, particularly its mass culture, and how does that dominant mass culture in turn appropriate from subcultures?
Cultural Criticism and the Politics of Selling Out
Michael Bérubé
Cultural Studies and Ethnic Absolutism: Comments on Stuart Hall's 'Culture, Community, Nation'
Saba Mahmood
Despite the recent intellectual opening characterized by the institution of cultural and postcolonial studies, certain parts of the world and social movements continue to occupy the paradigmatic status of backward culture.
Cultural Studies Center
Sarah Zupko
An international magazine of cultural criticism that covers most cultural products, including music, television, films, books, video games, computer software, theatre, the visual arts, and the Internet.
Cyborgasm: Machines and Male Hysteria
Marj Kibby
An anxiety about the nature of masculinity within a technological environment combines with the fears of a patriarchy in decline in film narratives that play out the reconciliation of hegemonic masculinity and the restoration of patriarchal capitalism.
Discussion about the CCCS
David Wall and Jonathan Sterne
Without understanding the economically determined nature of relationships we will never really begin to approach a solution to the problems embodied in our racial and gendered relationships.
Disrupting the Boundaries: Resistance and Convict Women
Joy Damousi
It is to the actions and behaviour of convict women that we must turn, for the existing records are hopelessly deficient in recording their voices, the range of their emotions and their motivations.
Eighteenth Century Cultural Studies
Geoffrey Sauer
This collection archives works of the eighteenth century from the perspectives of literary and cultural studies. Novels, plays, memoirs, treatises and poems of the period are kept here (in some cases, influential texts from before 1700 or after 1800 as well), along with modern criticism.
Entrapped Agency: An Exploration of the Links Between Cinema and Fascism
Melissa Goldman
Film's integral role in fascist propaganda did not stem solely from its ability to be seen and internalized by millions of viewers. In its essential composition, film - motion pictures - contained the seeds to be sown by fascist practice.
Girls, Girls, Girls: Fragmented Voices in the Pittsburgh Rock Scene
 Harris and Kurti
An in-depth look at the lives, social experience, and resistance of Pittsburgh’s female musicians.
Ideology, Discourse, and Cultural Studies: The Contribution of Michel Pêcheux
Martin Montgomery
An evaluative assessment of the potential contribution of Michel Pêcheux's research to a current movement within cultural studies to secure a conceptual framework for the critical discourse analysis of the linguistic mechanisms of ideology (examples of which are drawn from news accounts).
Literature, Culture, Mirrors
John Frow
Cultural studies is not the enemy of literary studies; the two perhaps work best when they coexist in tension and exchange; but literary studies will not survive if it is taught as a form of religion.
National Culture: A Contradiction in Terms?
Richard Collins
There is no necessary congruence between the frontiers of states and those of cultural communities, positive consequences can follow (and in the case of U.K. television have followed) from the transnationalization of television and that the integrity and survival of states is less strongly linked to cultural sovereignty and the maintenence of national culture than is often supposed.
Patrick's Socialworld
Patrick Macartney
Links and information about buddhism and meditation, gender issues, psychology, mental illness, sociology, and cyberspace.
Pictures of the Dead Middle-Class
Annalee Newitz
Destroying cars is an act of anger directed specifically at people's pocketbooks and economic egos. It is a 'fuck you' to a kind of class privilege.
Promiscuous Sacred Sites: Reflections on Secrecy and Scepticism in the Hindmarsh Island Affair
Ken Gelder and Jane M. Jacobs
What happens when sacred sites which are associated with secrecy enter into the public sphere of advocacy, policy and the law, as they must do when Aborigines seek to have such sites protected?
Russia: The End of an Affair
Robert Dessaix
Why did so many of us study Russian in the post-War years in Australia, and why does the study of Russian language, literature and history appeal to so few of us today?
Google home page for the soc.culture usenet group.
The Spoon Collective Home Page
 The Spoon Collective
The Spoon Collective is dedicated to promoting discussion of philosophical and political issues.
Structures of Nationalism
P. Treanor
The article attempts to show how characteristics of classic nationalism, and of the more recent theoretical concern with identity, are part of nationalist structures.
Teachers, Intellectuals, Politics
Don Anderson
The crisis in contemporary culture and especially in the brave new post-Dawkins academy resides in the curious phenomenon that many of those who would traditionally have defended the role of the intellect, if not of intellectuals, now deplore it and them as elitist and celebrate the Postmodern egalitarianisms of TV soaps, rock videos and talkback radio.
Tommy Hilfiger in the Age of Mass Customization
Paul  Smith
There are potential benefits in paying more attention to the way labor issues are inextricably tied to the expansion of the means of consumption in the North.