Disciplinary Studies
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Asianing Australia: Notes Toward a Critical Transnationalism in Cultural Studies
Ien Ang and Jon Stratton
This paper attempts to develop a critical transnationalist perspective in cultural studies from the localized cultural and political context of contemporary 'Australia'. It takes the Australian nation-state's current gee-economic and gee-political preoccupation with a so-called 'push into Asia as a starting point for a questioning of dominant discourses of international relations and the place of 'Australia' within it.
Developmental Psych
Frank Tinsman
Adolescence's ups and downs are just unique to that particular time and situation—as are the experiences in each stage of our lives.
Literature, Culture, Mirrors
John Frow
Cultural studies is not the enemy of literary studies; the two perhaps work best when they coexist in tension and exchange; but literary studies will not survive if it is taught as a form of religion.
The MLA and the Market
Annalee Newitz
It became clear to me that the MLA conference is not organized to serve those who attend sessions.
Teachers, Intellectuals, Politics
Don Anderson
The crisis in contemporary culture and especially in the brave new post-Dawkins academy resides in the curious phenomenon that many of those who would traditionally have defended the role of the intellect, if not of intellectuals, now deplore it and them as elitist and celebrate the Postmodern egalitarianisms of TV soaps, rock videos and talkback radio.