Marxist Studies
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Benjamin Notes
Camilla Griggers
Entrapped Agency: An Exploration of the Links Between Cinema and Fascism
Melissa Goldman
Film's integral role in fascist propaganda did not stem solely from its ability to be seen and internalized by millions of viewers. In its essential composition, film - motion pictures - contained the seeds to be sown by fascist practice.
Geography, Poverty and Politics in Central Illinois
Jonathan Sterne
This essay will chart the geography of Urbana-Champaign from a hybrid point of view.
Marxism Page
Rick Kuhn
Includes an indictment and analysis of capitalism, introductions to Marxist politics, contemporary Marxist materials, and graduate research in Marxism.
AMemory of Marxism
Paul Smith
Marxism's past (and indeed its understanding of history) lives in the present; and even if that might inhibit the thinking of a model or set of models for the future, that's perhaps not altogether a bad thing.
The New Politics Of History
Joel Schalit
The importance that the religious right attaches to its vision of history is more than philosophical. It represents a deepened understanding of the importance of theological doctrine for its revolutionary strategy. In this respect we should be careful to reconsider the Christian Coalition's recent efforts to take over the Republican party...
Patrick's Socialworld
Patrick Macartney
Links and information about buddhism and meditation, gender issues, psychology, mental illness, sociology, and cyberspace.
Politics and the English Language
George Orwell
Most people who bother with the matter at all would admit that the English language is in a bad way, but it is generally assumed that we cannot by conscious action do anything about it.
Poor Relief
Thomas M. Adams
On a global level, the traditional concept of poor relief to maintain bare subsistence remains in the forefront even as idealistic statements of universal rights are linked uneasily with support for development plans and investment strategies. In richer countries, meanwhile, the notion of entitlement vested in poor citizens is contested.
Socialist Therapeutics
Annalee Newitz
While people in therapy and the impoverished are undeniably experiencing some form of anguish, those in therapy are told that it isn't their fault, while those in poverty are told that it is.
Teachers, Intellectuals, Politics
Don Anderson
The crisis in contemporary culture and especially in the brave new post-Dawkins academy resides in the curious phenomenon that many of those who would traditionally have defended the role of the intellect, if not of intellectuals, now deplore it and them as elitist and celebrate the Postmodern egalitarianisms of TV soaps, rock videos and talkback radio.