Media Studies
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Benjamin Notes
Camilla Griggers
Cultural Appropriation and Subcultural Expression: The Dialectics of Cooptation and Resistance
Chuck Kleinhans
How do subcultures appropriate from the dominant culture, particularly its mass culture, and how does that dominant mass culture in turn appropriate from subcultures?
Double Space: on Victor Burgin
Paul Smith
I imagine that Burgin’s move towards a complex referentiality is a prerequisite for the kind of political art of which our times and our places are sorely in need.
Emma in Los Angeles: Clueless as a remake of the book and the city
Lesley Stern
Just as Jane Austen gave “Emma” a newly modernist inflection through stretching generic boundaries, so Amy Heckerling renovates old rhetorical devices in the service of new insights and pleasures in “Clueless.”
Entrapped Agency: An Exploration of the Links Between Cinema and Fascism
Melissa Goldman
Film's integral role in fascist propaganda did not stem solely from its ability to be seen and internalized by millions of viewers. In its essential composition, film - motion pictures - contained the seeds to be sown by fascist practice.
It’s Fun...But It Takes Courage: Remembering Capra's America
Annalee Newitz
Nationalism has been notoriously xenophobic in practice, and yet it has also been undeniably useful for the purposes of consolidating group identities in areas populated by people from a variety of backgrounds.
Jurassic Park, or Sympathy for the Dinosaur
Joe Sartelle
What dinosaurs seem to represent to us is a whole alternate model, an elaborate projection, of a racially-varied 'society' not unlike our own.
Marlon Riggs Bibliography
 University of California
A bibliograpy of materials in the UC Berkeley library.
Morphing Out of Identity Politics
Ron Alcalay
While ideas of metamorphosing bodies are as old and fertile as storytelling traditions, our capacity to morph matter visually, 'in real time,' captivates audiences because it appeals to our belief in the idea of transformational identity.
National Culture: A Contradiction in Terms?
Richard Collins
There is no necessary congruence between the frontiers of states and those of cultural communities, positive consequences can follow (and in the case of U.K. television have followed) from the transnationalization of television and that the integrity and survival of states is less strongly linked to cultural sovereignty and the maintenence of national culture than is often supposed.
The Political Economy of American Punk
Joel Schalit
The Cold War defense buildup created the economic infrastructure and cultural imperatives that gave birth to rock'n'roll.
Reading, Writing and Rap
Josh Kun
My research impulses have led me more frequently to my stereo than to the bookshelf.
Representing America
Ron Alcalay
I'm tired of the cynical view that we can't make a difference, that we're all just hibernating in front of our 841 little golden lights onscreen.
Seattle Über Alles
Joel Schalit and John Brady
The phenomenon of selling out has become big currency these days since the adoption of punk by the American culture industry.
Surplus Identity On-line
Annalee Newitz
Ultimately -- and, perhaps, sadly -- the freedom to be someone else on-line is an illusory freedom. We do not escape real life on-line, anymore than we escape the realm of necessity by working 40 or more hours a week.