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Emma in Los Angeles: Clueless as a remake of the book and the city
Lesley Stern
Just as Jane Austen gave “Emma” a newly modernist inflection through stretching generic boundaries, so Amy Heckerling renovates old rhetorical devices in the service of new insights and pleasures in “Clueless.”
Hallucinating In Paradise
S.W. Hendee
I remember being unable to tell what temperature it was, feeling completely exposed, and a sense of weariness at thinking about everything.
Making a Social Atlas
Doug Henwood
An atlas of the U.S. is a challenge, because the spaces involved are not always easy to represent.
Marlon Riggs Bibliography
 University of California
A bibliograpy of materials in the UC Berkeley library.
Playing for England
Paul Smith
This paper takes a rather indirect route towards looking at text of “World in Motion” by musical group New Order which seemed important and symptomatic within the context of the culture of England in the summer of 1990.
Representing America
Ron Alcalay
I'm tired of the cynical view that we can't make a difference, that we're all just hibernating in front of our 841 little golden lights onscreen.