Postcolonial Studies
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Asianing Australia: Notes Toward a Critical Transnationalism in Cultural Studies
Ien Ang and Jon Stratton
This paper attempts to develop a critical transnationalist perspective in cultural studies from the localized cultural and political context of contemporary 'Australia'. It takes the Australian nation-state's current gee-economic and gee-political preoccupation with a so-called 'push into Asia as a starting point for a questioning of dominant discourses of international relations and the place of 'Australia' within it.
Cultural Studies and Ethnic Absolutism: Comments on Stuart Hall's 'Culture, Community, Nation'
Saba Mahmood
Despite the recent intellectual opening characterized by the institution of cultural and postcolonial studies, certain parts of the world and social movements continue to occupy the paradigmatic status of backward culture.
Ideological Views of the Palestinians
Gordon Welty
The Palestinian position does not lend itself to interpretation as religious controversy. It is rather a secular demand for the re-establishment of its historic homeland, a demand to be pursued through national liberation struggle. Only when we turn to other ideological positions does the possibility of understanding the conflict in the Middle East in terms of religious controversy emerge.
Jouvert: A Journal of Postcolonial Studies
 North Carolina State University
Jouvert is a refereed, multi-disciplinary journal published tri-annually that offers a widely accessible forum for the interrogation of textual, cultural and political postcolonialisms.
“Orientalism” and “The Persian Letters”: How Europe Speaks to Itself Through its Vision of the Other
Jo Tavener
The author applies two of Edward Said’s concepts in “Orientalism,” that of strategic location and textual attitude to Montesquieu and the text of “the Persian Letters.”
South Asian Diaspora
 UC Berkeley
This site includes essays, photographs, documents, bibliographic guides, electronic resources, and a diaspora project database.
Structures of Nationalism
P. Treanor
The article attempts to show how characteristics of classic nationalism, and of the more recent theoretical concern with identity, are part of nationalist structures.