Postmodern Studies
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Asianing Australia: Notes Toward a Critical Transnationalism in Cultural Studies
Ien Ang and Jon Stratton
This paper attempts to develop a critical transnationalist perspective in cultural studies from the localized cultural and political context of contemporary 'Australia'. It takes the Australian nation-state's current gee-economic and gee-political preoccupation with a so-called 'push into Asia as a starting point for a questioning of dominant discourses of international relations and the place of 'Australia' within it.
Emma in Los Angeles: Clueless as a remake of the book and the city
Lesley Stern
Just as Jane Austen gave “Emma” a newly modernist inflection through stretching generic boundaries, so Amy Heckerling renovates old rhetorical devices in the service of new insights and pleasures in “Clueless.”
Morphing Out of Identity Politics
Ron Alcalay
While ideas of metamorphosing bodies are as old and fertile as storytelling traditions, our capacity to morph matter visually, 'in real time,' captivates audiences because it appeals to our belief in the idea of transformational identity.
Patrick's Socialworld
Patrick Macartney
Links and information about buddhism and meditation, gender issues, psychology, mental illness, sociology, and cyberspace.
Pictures of the Dead Middle-Class
Annalee Newitz
Destroying cars is an act of anger directed specifically at people's pocketbooks and economic egos. It is a 'fuck you' to a kind of class privilege.
Writing, Knowledge and Postmodern Anthropology
Paul Smith
The meditation on language that has constituted the backbone of the western epistemological tradition has perhaps never been so intense as right now in the era of the postmodern.